Pierre Poilievre’s Campaign Drawing Ever-Shrinking Crowds

Jason Pugh Jan 15, 2024

Yesterday, Pierre Poilievre posted this:

That event was held at the Schumacher Lions Club. A quick search on their site shows it has a maximum capacity of 150 people.

Paul responded with this:

Exactly. Their job is to make the crowds appear as big as possible.

So that space has a max capacity of 150 people, probably standing room only. That room is full of tables and chairs. So, 35 people plus some more out of the shot might add up to around 60? (Being generous.)

You’ll remember that it wasn’t that long ago that Pierre Poilievre was outright lying about the size of his crowds. I know because I called and asked:


Then, later in the day, he posted this tweet:

    (That’s Prime Minister Trudeau to you, Pierre.)

This was in Sault Ste. Marie.

According to this article it was held at the Water Tower Inn.

As you can see from Pierre’s photos, there’s a window in the back.

From the floor plan and by the carpet and curtains, you can see that this event was held at the east end of the Grand Hall.

Here’s their site:

Meeting and Event Rooms

That is the only wall of the Grand Hall that has windows.

So, there’s the windows and the far wall in this pic:

    (I highlighted the gap between those sitting and people standing at the back)

It looks like Pierre came out of the staff corridor in this pic:

That means that this pic:

Was in front of a foldable dividing wall.

So, not only did Pierre’s team book just a section of the Grand Hall, they booked the smallest section.

I was wondering what the max capacity is for that event space.

So I called.

The max capacity for the East section of the Grand Hall set up in theatre style arrangement (their max capacity arrangement) is 70 people. (They also have round-table and classroom arrangements available to accommodate 40 people.)

Pierre’s got quite a few chairs there but obviously wanted more people than chairs to make it seem crowded.

Oh, and earlier in the day, he had a photo-op in front of his new billboards.

Maybe 20 people showed up for that.

Ed counted 18:

Then, there was this little gathering:

Michael is right:

Earlier today, Poilievre put out this tweet with a video from Sudbury.com that featured more tiny crowds.

There was a tiny crowd inside.

And a whopping fourteen people (plus two children) outside.

It doesn’t look like there’s a giant groundswell of support for PP to me. If his people could book larger venues, they would.

Maybe things will change when there is an actual reason to be out campaigning. Something like an election maybe?

Who knows.


Jason Pugh

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