Pierre Poilievre’s Totally Not Staged Interaction With A “Common” People

Jason Pugh Aug 31, 2023

So yesterday, Conservative Member of Parliament, Michelle Ferreri, posted this obviously staged video of Pierre Poilievre interacting with a “Common” people.

Liberal MP Mark Gerretson has this to say:

Everyone is freaking out over Poilievre calling the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “Marxists.” Was this all staged in order to get everyone outraged? OF COURSE it was.

If you ask me this is just the Conservatives engaging in more Cambridge Analytica or Topham Guerin-style bullshit political tactics. Which they have a record of doing in the past. Such as releasing a meme full of spelling errors so people would be “triggered” and laugh about it but, ultimately, spread the Con’s message.

Here is a link to a PDF of a paper by Andi Sweet on the whole thing. (Clicking will download the .PDF from MacEwan University)


Here is a screencap of the paper:

    Credit: Andi Sweet

The late investigative journalist, Amy MacPherson, wrote about Erin O’Toole hiring the #DarkArts team of Topham Guerin:

Polievre’s totally not staged video had some wondering/joking about this possibly being Conservative operative(?) Georganne Burke:

Well, here’s a pic from Pierre’s Video:

And here’s a pic of Burke from an interview she did for CPAC where she starts out by declaring she’s a PROUD Trump supporter.

Well, I can see why people wonder if that is Georganne Burke, but unless she found the Holy Grail, I’m pretty sure that ain’t her. But I can see the resemblence.

Link to the CPAC interview. (The video starts out with Burke proudly stating she supports Trump. So you can see that without having to watch the whole thing.)

Plus, she worked on Scheer and O’Toole’s campaigns.

Why were people wondering if that was Burke? Because of this totally not staged video from 2019 had people asking the same thing:

At first, people thought THAT was the Trump-loving Conservative operative Georganne Burke, but it wasn’t. Again, though, the resemblance is uncanny.

Another obviously staged video.

However, the award for “Most Staged Video by a Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada” goes to this classic:

To which I responded with this:

It’s almost like it’s impossible for these Con men to have normal interactions with us common folks or something. Eh?

Poilievre’s video was totally staged, and I say he intentionally said that to get people riled up and spread it like wildfire to help share his message.

Oh, and I’m just curious. Has anyone seen anything in the news lately about Stephen Harper’s Assistant Chairman over at the International Democratic Union and Freedom Convoy attendee, Mike Roman, being indicted along with Trump?

Harper’s Assistant Chairman of the International Democratic Union, Mike Roman, indicted yesterday in Georgia along with Trump

No? I guess Canadian Media has conveniently moved on.

That’s, ah, that’s great news for our democracy.


Jason Pugh

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