PK Subban Retires…After 13 Seasons?

Sep 20, 2022


That’s a power move.

Subban haters and apologists will draw their narrative, but he’s leaving the game without CTE, and it looks like he has some life perspective others might not.

Fuck it. PK is out after 13 seasons and 73,000,000 in career earnings. He’s ready to tackle life and do whatever else he wants with a healthy mind and body. Maybe he wants to start a kennel or become a construction magnate. Who cares. He’s done with the grind, and if you had the chance to retire at 33, you would too.


Zdeno Chara announced his retirement today too.

Big Z is hanging up his size 17 skates after 26 seasons. He’s the opposite of PK Subban. Widely known as the scariest human to ever play in the NHL, “Big Z” REALLY ran out of the clock turning into a pugilist pylon who’d screen goalies on the PP to earn playing time.

Chara would keep playing if he could.

Subban doesn’t want to play even though he still can.

Subban will take heat from Bruins fans who’ll ROAST his lack of commitment, comparing his NHL service to Chara’s, but PK’s decision is based on his metrics. He wants to do something else after dedicating 29 of his 33 years to being one thing, PK is entitled to do whatever he likes, and I dig that.

The time comes for ALL of us, and it’s unavoidable. Change is a good thing and the only constant we can count on. I wish big Z and PK nothing but the best and appreciate the slack-jawed moments both of these men gave us over the years.

Especially Chara. 700 NHLrs are breathing a sigh of relief today.

Good luck, Lads! Pinch those pennies now you’re on a fixed income!






Dean Blundell

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