Aug 31 - 2021

#004 Jason Hitchcock: DeFi, NFTs, And The Metaverse

About the Episode

On this episode I welcome Jason Hitchcock, crypto sensei and Principal at To The Moon Capital. Jason (Twitter: @JasonHitchcock) was among the few to be early to Ethereum, Helium, CryptoPunks, Alchemix, and more. He has 12 years of early stage startup experience and previously held a role at Twitch and Bebo. Listen as we explore DeFi, NFTs, intermediate wealth building, the Metaverse and much more. If you are new to the space I wanted to provide a quick glossary of terms and phrases that you might not be familiar with. Check it out here:

Crypto Glossary:

$ETH I don’t own any Bitcoin. Bullish on Eth becoming the iOS of crypto. The next few months will be wild as miners are zeroed out, fees get burned, and staked eth yields go up. You cannot own enough eth. Setting up a validator is the easiest path to non trivial passive income

$Luna – user friendly Defi gov token that gets more valuable as more $UST is minted 

$ALCX – self paying loans. ALCX will earn 10% of protocol fees in v2, and grow along with stablecoin demand

$HNT – decentralized cellular network with parabolic growth

$AKT – A decentralized version of AWS compute. Users pay bills with AKT and fees go to stakers at 56% apy 

$ATOM– the gov token for the blockchain-in-a-box. Earns fees with every cross-chain transaction on IBC, the standard for interoperability.

$crv and $CVX: stake these to earn crazy yield from stablecoin swaps on Curve. 

$RUNE: cross chain liquidity of native assets. This will truly bring Bitcoin to defi. Insanely hard problem to solve is solved. 

$OGN – Shopify for NFT drops. OGN is making big deals, pay attention

$MATIC – first mover of the L2s has already inhaled billions on liquidity, and launches major integrations every day. 

$SUSHI – not just an exchange; but offering a full suite of smart contract templates for projects to launch their token economy. And it earns fees when staked

$AAVE – the perpetually undervalued lending platform that has an ocean of liquidity.

$ETH2x-FLI a token that gives exposure to a perfectly executed 2x leverage strategy on Eth. When eth is up, this goes up double. No liquidations or gas fees!

$osmo – osmosis is the uniswap of Cosmos and the first dex. It went to 100m in tvl in 2 weeks. Not bad! It’s the only place in defi to get all the Cosmos tokens.

$MOB – mobile coin is the payments token for signal. If it works out, they have millions of users who’d benefit

$ARCx – the first onchain credit score system for defi. Not all LPs or borrowers are the same. Protocols can give better liquidation levels or better rates depending on track record 

$RPL – if you believe staking ETH will be big, then the east staking-as-service will be too

Cryptopunks– the first @larvalabs’s innovation predated the ERC-721 token standard and was the inspiration for it.


Additional Resources:

The Bull Case For Ethereum

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