Oct 19 - 2021

#011 Eric Jorgenson: Metagames, Feedback Loops and Transcending The Muggle World

About the Episode

Just me and you today, dear listener — and I’m going to talk through some ideas that have been fascinating me recently, weaving together authors like Rory Sutherland, Eliezer Yudkowsky, and Nassim Taleb. As I reviewed my highlights from books, blogs and articles that I’ve been collecting over the past 10 years the main ideas that jumped out at me are playing the metagame and feedback loops. Both of these are ways to transcend the muggle world and start playing a different game. 

I hope you enjoy this format — if you love it (or hate it, actually), please tweet or email me so I know whether to ever do this again. It’s all part of the sandbox experience! 

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Topics Covered: 

  • What are Metagames
  • How Metagames change the game and allow you to dominate
  • What are feedback loops
  • Why we accept false barriers to cushion our egos
  • Places to intervene in a system
  • The power of transcending paradigms
  • How a system can be destroyed by ignoring feedback
  • How to expand your theoretical fish tank


Favorite Quotes:

“In any system where there are norms, there are strengths and weaknesses to those norms. If you follow the norms of the system, the results you get are likely to be the norm. When you play a different game, a metagame, you have the opportunity to outperform.” -fs.blog

“Play the metagame in your domain too, whether you’re head of an organization or just starting out. Blowout the walls of your fish tank and transcend paradigms.” – Eric Jorgenson

“False barriers are accepted because they are the path of least resistance for the ego” -Eric Jorgenson


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