Nov 9 - 2021

#014 Dan Reecer: What Is Polkadot And Why It’s The Future of Web3

About the Episode

Today, my guest is Dan Reecer. Dan joined the crypto world 3 years ago instead of going to get his MBA, and is now VP of Growth for Acala, the Defi Network launching soon on the Polkadot Blockchain Platform. Don’t worry, all of those words get explained in the podcast. 

In this conversation, I try to bring us all (myself included) from basics to applications of blockchain, and help us all see around the next few corners we’ll all go through together over the next decade. We talk about: Dan’s path to working in crypto, what Polkadot is, where it came from, why it’s different from Bitcoin and Ethereum, and how crypto will benefit people not already in the space.

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Topics Covered: 

  • What is Polkadot?
  • Where Polkadot came from and why it’s different from Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • What does a multi-chain future look like?
  • Why do we need that? What problems does Polkadot solve?
  • What is Acala? 
  • How crypto will benefit normal people
  • Dan’s path to working in Crypto


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