Jul 12 - 2022

#042 Black Swans, The End of Jobs, and Long Volatility with Taylor Pearson of Mutiny Fund

About the Episode



(6:21) – What is your specific knowledge?


(7:20) – Taylor’s career


(12:38) – Transaction Cost Economics


(20:02) – The work behind Taylor’s first book: The End of Jobs


(21:20) – Was publishing that book a major inflection point in your career?


(23:53) – Taylor’s writing on the crypto space and work in investing & finance


(29:03) – Mutiny Funds


(32:57) – The Long-Volatility Strategy


(36:33) – The Thousand-Year Portfolio


(40:49) – Who is using the long-volatility strategy and how are they using it?


(43:16) – What does the strategy look like day to day?


(50:07) – Volatility Index


(55:33) – Are there future products in the funnel for Mutiny?


(57:44) – What do you look for in the hedge funds you assemble?


(1:00:20) – How long have you been building this core of knowledge?


(1:04:11) – How do you know when to shift your focus?


(1:07:11) – Are there people you look up to who are great examples of playing the long game?


(1:09:25) – What is the long game for Mutiny?


(1:12:49) – How do you maintain discipline when the world tells you to take the other path?


(1:16:22) – What mental model do you use most often?





Mutiny Funds


Taylor’s website


Taylor’s The Interesting Times newsletter


The End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson


Blog post: Markets Are Eating The World by Taylor Pearson


The Kelly Criterion with Edward Thorp


The Cockroach Portfolio


The Volatility Index


The Origin of Wealth by Eric Beinhocker


Fortune’s Formula by William Poundstone


A Man for All Markets by Edward Thorp


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