Jan 16 - 2024

#069 David Senra + Mitchell Baldridge #4: Old Books, New Events, and A Surprise CEO Job

About the Episode


David Senra on X

Mitchell on X

Founders Podcast

Better Bookkeeping

Mentioned on the episode:



Poor Charlie’s Almanac

Liar’s Poker

Atomic Habits

The Pathless Path

Morgan Housel books

Tren Griffin Blog – 25iq

Brent Beshore on meeting Charlie Munger

Who is Michael Ovitz?

Powerhouse by James Andrew Miller

The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness 

Blake Robbins on Twitter


(00:00:00) – Intro

(00:03:53) – David – Product launching machine & the power of building relationships

(00:24:18) – Thoughts on Podcast advertising 

(00:31:35) – Book Publishing

(00:38:27) – Eric’s new life as a CEO

(00:59:23) – The permissionless adding of value

(01:13:08) – The Power of Podcasting 

(01:17:04) – Updates on the Baldridge Empire

(01:34:19) – Reflecting on Main St. Summit

(01:56:57) – Book recommendations

(02:08:24) – Hire a paid critic

(02:22:30) – Wrap up

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