Feb 3 - 2023

#106: The Deceptive Juices Podcast – January 22nd 2023

Fuckin'Eh Podcast

About the Episode

Canada recommends only 2 drinks per week, Matt’s going to die, RIPs. Suspicious Simply Orange Juice with “nothing to hide”, except the poison. Melon Juice with barely any melon. Trust no juices.

Sloppy arsonists get a taste of their own kerosene. A London, Ontario woman who drunkenly drove her car into a house and blew up a neighbourhood has found the right people to blame. Well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions…

Did you take our advice and steal from your grocery store? There’s a Toronto Lawyer to defend you. If you and a bunch of friends steal groceries, how are the charges dolled out? Legal math inside!

Kyle Rittenhouse canceled by Las Vegas, people mad at Pink Floyd and the spectrum of light, and Tucker Carlson says Nicotine expands your mind duuuuuude.

No good argument has ever been written on the side of a vehicle.

*Music Produced by David Felton, @deefeltmusic on Instagram/Tiktok
*Show Artwork created by @TheMightyQWorks on Twitter/Instagram

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