Jul 26 - 2019

#113 DeanBlundell.com Podcast with Daren Millard ft Graham Kritzer

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 119th DeanBlundell.com Podcast without Daren Millard. Have no fear, Graham Kritzer is here! Dean isn’t pleased with Phil and Jimmy riding around in a car and smoking weed. They will be spoken too. Dean addresses Kawhi Leonard getting introduced as a Los Angeles Clipper. Steve Ballmer lost his collective marbles during the press conference. He is one of a kind. Dean couldn’t care for Kawhi Leonards happiness. Steve Simmonds was not pleased with Kawhi Leonards “thank you” to Toronto at the Clipper introductory presser. Naturally, we shit on Steve for a bit. Dean goes over the difference between blocking someone and muting them on Twitter. We get into Jeffery Epstein and his new charges and Trump’s comments regarding his current situation. It’s disgusting. Jeffery tried to off himself in his cell when he found out the new charges and failed. We close with discussing if Colonel Sanders is racist and ask the question, has Marcus Stroman played his last game as a Toronto Blue Jay? Enjoy!

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