Sep 6 - 2019

#135 Podcast with Daren Millard, Graham Kritzer, Shug McSween and Cannabis Phil

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 135th episode of the Podcast with Daren Millard, Graham Kritzer, Phil Wong, and Shug McSween. Huge show today guys. Daren “Vegas” Millard is in the studio. His Highness has graced us with his presence, what a time to be alive! Daren is now employed by the Vegas Golden Knights and he is excited about it, naturally. We take a trip down memory lane to unpack how he returned to his dream job. Daren explains his duties as the only host of the Vegas Golden Knights, moving his family and his ending at Sportsnet. Daren advises people who are getting laid off and explains how he is helping other people podcast, Daren tell us about the moment he got signed. Dean inquires about who didn’t text Daren when he was laid off but did text him when he got the new gig. Funny how life works. Dean asks Daren if he will host Rookies bachelor party and if we can get a tour of T-Mobile arena. Daren’s answer won’t shock you. Phil and Daren catch up on life. We close with singing Daren’s praises. Enjoy!

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