Sep 16 - 2019

#140 Podcast with Graham Kritzer and Producer Chris

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 140th episode of the Podcast with Graham Kritzer and a very special appearance in the studio by Producer Chris. Dean went to his girlfriends 30th high school reunion over the weekend. Naturally, Dean dissects the awkwardness of high school reunions and his experience. Mitch Marner signed everyone! You’ll be happy to know the Marner watch is over. We are happy for the kid and take direct responsibility for him signing. You’re welcome. We switch to some NFL news. Big Ben is out for the season, Drew Brees is out for 6 weeks and Antonio Brown has been accused by another woman of sexual assault. Yup. It seems to never end. We discuss the Federal Election coming up. The Liberals are sinking to releasing damning videos of the opposition to gain the edge. The Conservative party responded by releasing photos of Justin Trudeau with Jian Ghomeshi. Dean is tired of performance tweeting. Chucky Cheese also recycles their pizza. We close with our Don Cherry story about him being fired resurfacing. People don’t seem to care anymore. Enjoy!

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