Jul 9 - 2021

17. Visualization, Racing & Resilience With Pauly Plewa

About the Episode

Pauly Plewa and I first met when I coached him on his first TED talk. You can watch his TED talk at the link below, but here’s what the CBC wrote about him for a feature interview…

“Soon after his motocross accident, Pauly Plewa was given a brochure and asked to pick the colour of the wheelchair that he would soon get.
With a devastating back injury that required his vertebrae to be fused together with metal rods, he was told that his chance of regaining any sensation below his chest was less than two per cent.
Three years later, not only is he able to walk on his own feet, he is also getting ready for a 10-kilometre run.”

Pauly is an inspiration in resilience, and I am happy to be able to interview him about his story, and continuing courage.

WATCH Pauly Plewa’s TED Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8AzABQ_2_0

CBC News Report – https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/headlines/motocross-star-pauly-plewa-to-run-for-1st-time-since-spinal-cord-injury-1.3021940

Connect with Pauly online: https://www.enterprisestressmanagement.com/

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