Nov 5 - 2019

#172 Podcast with Graham Krtizer

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 172nd episode of the Podcast with Graham Kritzer, who destroyed the office washroom with his bowels today and ruined the entire start of the podcast. On today’s episode, we discuss 11-year old Kade, a young leafs fan who had no one show up to his birthday. Due to a heartfelt Twitter message from his father Kade got birthday wishes from a handful of Maple Leafs, Justin Trudeau and Luke Skywalker! We love pointing out the positive side of social media. The CEO of McDonalds Steve Easterbrook was fired for having a consensual relationship with an employee and we discuss a story of a man getting stabbed over a Popeyes sandwich. Dean has a way you can make 3300$ by getting the flu and going to the hospital. How much would you have to get paid to be injected with a disease? We run through the list of diseases. Everyone has their price. We close by circling back the Popeyes fight, we found the audio and it is hilarious. Enjoy!

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