Nov 14 - 2019

#177 The Dean Blundell Show with Jason Gonsalves

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 177th episode of the Dean Blundell Show. Yes, we changed the name. Dean is going back to his roots. Gonzo joins us and the boys discuss a little bit more about Don Cherry. He was on Newstalk 1010 2 days ago and refused to apologize and on CTV news saw the error of his ways and changed his tune. We play that audio. Dean got killed in the comments section as per usual, we update you on today’s hate speech. We pose the question, now that Don has apologized does TSN hire him? Switching gears, Dean found a nice public restroom and take a deep dive into the comments section of the website and surprisingly we got a few nice ones! We close with Colin Kaepernick doing a combine for all NFL teams spearheaded by Falcons owner Arthur Blank and a farting gender reveal!

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