Nov 19 - 2019

#180 The Dean Blundell Show With Jason Gonsalves

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to the 180th episode of the Dean Blundell Show with Jason Gonsalves. Gonzo decided to begin micro-dosing a shroom concentrate for research. Fun fact he did his first micro-dose an hour before we began the podcast. Buckle up. We begin with trouble in Leaf land. They’ve lost 5 straight and we have it on good authority Babcock is on borrowed time and we pose the question is JT worth the money. We finish off our Leafs conversation with some of our favourite Leaf psycho tweets. Ron MacLean the end of coaches corner over the weekend, we play his emotional speech and shit on Steve Simmons for tweeting out lies AGAIN. He didn’t stop there, he also went after Ray Ferraro’s wife. Gutless. We close with Jess Allen releasing another “apology” and the best interview you will ever hear about fried chicken.

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