Jul 29 - 2021

19. Policing & Race: A US Officers Perspective With Eric Muldrow

About the Episode

I’m pleased to welcome Eric Muldrow of @coderedconversations on the RISE podcast to discuss race and policing. He laid it out unapologetically and the full interview has truths that are unpopular and uncomfortable, but need to be said.

About Eric:
“Eric began his career in Law Enforcement after serving in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic. After being honorably discharged, he began working as an Officer at Westville Correctional Center, being assigned to the Maximum Security Housing Unit (GSC)
In December 0f 1996, he was hired on by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as a Corrections Officer in The CLark County Detention Center. In 2006, Eric attended LVMPD’s Police Officer Academy where he graduated with honors.

In 2014, He retired after an over 20-year career. In 2016, Eric began speaking out publicly in response to the growing anti-police movement & many of the sometimes questionable police/civilian confrontations. In 2018, he founded Code Red Conversation.
Using the knowledge gained from years of working in many challenging environments. He seeks to spread light on the realities of a Police Use of Force, as well as the issues and challenges that truly exist within the Law Enforcement field.
His mission is to do his part to improve the tactics of officers and strengthen the publics’ knowledge & trust in Law Enforcement.”

About Code Red Conversations: “At Code Red Conversations, our passion is for the everyday citizen, and law enforcement.
Our primary goals are:
1. To bridge the cultural gap between the public and those who have pledged “Protect and Serve”. Through thought-provoking presentations along side healthy & balanced discussions, We move past the barriers for the betterment of all involved!
2. In a world that seems to grow increasingly unpredictable and dangerous, how does one keep themselves and their loved ones safe.
At Code Red Conversations, we use our over 25 years of uniformed service (Military, Police, and Corrections), to help the average citizen improve their personal safety & situational awareness skills.”


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