Sep 26 - 2021

20. Finding Purpose After Tragedy With Petra Gordon

About the Episode

Kwesi Millington welcomes widow support coach Petra Gordon who is on a mission to transform the expectations surrounding widowhood. You can move through times of adversity and find new purpose for living.

I met Petra a few years ago, and invited her to speak on my StoryShare stage. Her passion and power immediately blew me away and I knew we would always stay connected. What brought her onto the RISE podcast however, was her personal story of love, loss and resilience…

About Petra…

After my husband died, I didn’t want to be called a widow. He passed unexpectedly at the young age of 42, and my entire world turned upside down. I never saw it coming.

Every woman experiences widowhood differently. I was 38 when I lost my husband, and it felt impossible to imagine life without him. But over time I discovered a strength within me I never knew I had. Within the first year after my husband died, I was able to:

Pay off all our debt
Settle his estate
Purchase a new home
Self-publish my first book
Launch my coaching practice
I realized I can move forward with my life, even while I’m still knee-deep in my grief. I can experience happiness again.

And you can, too.

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