Jul 22 - 2021

905 Round Up – Division at Burlington City Hall

The 905er

About the Episode


Over the last few weeks, observers of Burlington city politics have noticed a growing rift in council.  So much that when Joan Little of the Spectator commented on it in one of her columns, the Mayor decided a rebuttal was in order.  What is going on in Burlington City Hall?  Joel and Roland discuss what we know and what it means.


Then we take a stroll down to Hamilton, where this week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in the city to announce funding for 95 social assisted housing units.  This announcement of course sparked furious debate on when the federal election would be announced.  Joel doesn’t think that it’s going to happen, and that maybe, just maybe the announcement was just a mix of wanting to get some good publicity as well as an excuse to get out of Ottawa after two years.


We give you our take on it all this week!

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