Apr 1 - 2024

A Tale of Two Scribes / Terrence McCauley

Spear Talk Podcast

About the Episode

On this episode of A Tale Of Two Scribes, we welcome Terrence McCauley to the program. Terrence is an award-winning author who writes Thrillers, Crime Fiction, and Westerns. A native of the Bronx, NY, Terrence is an avid reader who enjoys travel, classic movies, and a robust cigar. His latest release is a novella, Chicago ’63. The enthralling story centers on real-life events around a plot to assassinate President Kenedy while in Chicago weeks before the events in Dallas. To learn more about Terrence and his multiple book series, please check out his website www. terrencemccauley.com


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Eric P Bishop is an author, and host of A Tale Of Two Scribes. Eric’s passions, besides writing, includes: Time spent with his kids, travel, music, and exploring the great outdoors. You can find out more about Eric and his novels by visiting his website www.ericpbishop.com. Follow him on X (Twitter) – @EPBAuthor, Instagram/Threads -epbauthor and on Facebook -ericpbishopauthor

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