Jan 14 - 2024

Aaron Rodgers is dumb & Meeting your heroes

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Happy Friday!!! We’re back with a fun afternoon of famous people’s stories!

We start with former football hero Aaron Rodgers. He decided he was a medical academic a couple of years ago and can’t stop saying dumb shit. Rodgers/Packers fans pretend they don’t know him now after he called Jimmy Kimmel a pedophile and then tried to explain infectious disease pathology on the Pat McAfee show. We talk about the downer of finding out that your hero is a knob.

Dean waxes about meeting some of his heroes. That time, he partied with Wayne Gretzky, and Linkin Park commandeered Dean’s car to spend the night at his house. At that time, Tommy Lee asked to see Dean’s Weiner. Dean has heroes everyone likes and proves it from personal experiences. Anyone who wants Aaron Rodgers is an idiot.

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