Apr 12 - 2024

Alex Jones Loves PeePee/Happiness/Big Turks

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

MOSCROP is back.

He’s thinking of going back to school to be a super doctor. You can’t get MORE education after your doctorate, but David wants to try.

He also wants to talk about being allowed to do whatever content he wants, and if that means talking to “Conservatives” or “Right Wing” humans, he will, and you can kiss the roundest part of his ass.

David writes for everyone from the Globe to WaPo, and sometimes, keeping tabs on Bullshit takes its toll. David, Dean, and Lochlin talk about steps they take to protect themselves from the onslaught of stupidity from all sides of the spectrum and how to stay focused and disciplined when creating content as a journalist. And how people who are not journalists can protect themselves from the “DIRGE” of information and low IQ bullshit meant to separate you from your happiness.

We talked about those “keys” to personal happiness, too. David and Dean got into the cognitive benefit of ancient wisdom – specifically Stoicism. The discipline and practice of responding to what you can control and responding to what you can’t for your own emotional and mental benefit.

We also got into some political bullshit because Uber cocck Alex Jones keeps endorsing Canada’s version of Donald Trump – PeePee. Yes, there are some endorsements you don’t want. Unless you’re Pierre Poilievre, he’ll take an endorsement from anyone with more than 100k email addresses he can add to his list of people who beg for money.

We finished with a ranking of David’s favorite candy bars (Big Turk), which bothers Dean.

We capped it off with a VERY cool conversation about how to remain emotionally calm in the face of titanic-sized cultural bullshit when the world wants to make you angry – Stoicism and the ancients knew the score.

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