Mar 20 - 2024

Audeze’s Journey: From Acquisition to Innovation with CEO Shankar

About the Episode

In this conversation, Shankar, the co-founder and CEO of Audeze, discusses life after the acquisition by Sony’s PlayStation division and the company’s approach to designing headphones for gaming and pro audio. He highlights the importance of collaboration with studios and artists in creating high-quality products. Shankar also talks about the advantage of being early in spatial audio technology and how Audeze continues to improve in this area. He explains the significance of customizing sound with Reveal Plus and shares some insights into the company’s future plans and upcoming products.


  • Audeze is an independent subsidiary of Sony’s PlayStation division, continuing to make its own audio file and gaming products under its own branding.
  • The company collaborates closely with studios and artists to ensure their headphones meet the needs of professionals in the industry.
  • Being early in spatial audio technology has given Audeze an advantage, and they continue to work on improving spatial audio experiences.
  • The Reveal Plus plugin allows users to customize the sound to their specific ears, enhancing the mixing experience.


00:00 Introduction and Life after Sony Acquisition

02:07 Designing Headphones for Gaming and Pro Audio

04:59 Collaboration with Studios and Artists

06:18 Advantage of Being Early in Spatial Audio

08:03 Continuous Improvement in Spatial Audio

11:28 Customizing Sound with Reveal Plus

13:59 Future Plans and Upcoming Products

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