Jun 23 - 2022

Auston Matthews Is Better Than Connor McDavid, Mr.Tizz Found Caryma’s Attacker & Tik Tok Cowboy Fuck Trudeau Video You Have See To Believe

The Dean Blundell Show

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Happy Humpday, Friends!!

We can stop arguing about it – Auston Matthews is officially the best player in the NHL after cleaning up at the NHL awards last night. The Hart and Ted Lindsay Trophy sealed the deal and the Rocket Richard trophy was a gimme. Somehow Lochlin has a problem with this (He’s an Oiler Fan) despite knowing the truth. Matthews is better than McDavid in 2022. He has the receipts.

Remember the little doucher who attacked Caryma last week? Well, TikTok right fighter Mr. Tizz (@TizzyEnt) found him before Toronto Police Could find him and we’ll introduce you to Emmanuel Tamborini.

Joe Rogan went after Canada in another ignorant rant about how he finds it crazy that Canadians can’t buy a gun for the expressed purpose of shooting someone to defend themselves against buys stealing a BBQ. The video of him googling Canada while being shocked different countries have different gun laws is AMAZING.

Some Cowboy in Alberta put out possibly the greatest TikTok “Fuck Trudeau” post you’ll ever see. Ray Arnett, wants to kill you with a pitchfork then stick a bat in your ass before he shoots you. Charming guy. Let’s meet him together!

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