Jan 22 - 2024

Barsys: Digitizing the Drinking Experience with Akshet Tewari

About the Episode

Join us as we interview Akshet Tewari, founder and CEO of Barsys, as he discusses the company’s mission to digitize the drinking experience using consumer robotics and a SaaS-based application. Discover the Barsys 2.0, a state-of-the-art machine that lets users make cocktails from the best bars and mixologists worldwide. Learn about the Barsys 360, which offers a more personalized and experiential cocktail-making experience. The app recommends cocktails based on ingredients users have at home and provides curated recipes from top bars. The device detects the type of glass being used and has a low chance of overpouring. Barsys aims to enhance the customer experience and is excited about future innovations and the integration of AI.

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