Jul 20 - 2022

Beaver Bites — First Ministers’ Mambo (featuring Ryan Lindley, co-host The Sheeple Shepherd podcast)

About the Episode

[Recording Date: July 19, 2022]

On this episode of Beaver Bites, we start off with a bit of headline news you can use, a special coast-to-coast-to-coast COVID booster update, and follow it up with a discussion of the recent bit of grand political theatre, complete with rehearsed song and dance act, offered to us by our baker’s dozen of First Ministers.

To help us with it, we’ve invited the delightful Ryan Lindley (aka Mr. Otter), co-host of The Sheeple Shepherd podcast, to discuss his take on issues of the day..

And of course, as this is a Bites, we are once again flying without a net, minimally scripted… and we absolutely veer off onto other topics.

Please, come join our circle, and share a few laughs and frustrations with us

PS: This episode will also soon be available on our new True North Eager Beaver Media YouTube channel at [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeZ9siY91-HQbgwp-ooP_5Q/featured].

We had a few technical difficulties at the start, so unless you want to see Mr. Beaver being confused for several minutes, just skip to timestamp 13:00.


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Artwork credit: Peter Jarvis

This is Episode 23 of the True North Eager Beaver’s “Beaver Bites” format

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