Nov 10 - 2021

Beyond Our Borders (ft. Foreign Correspondent, Keith Boag)

About the Episode

(Recording Dates: November 4 & 6, 2021)

On today’s episode…

As an election is prime time for navel gazing, now that it is over, we thought that we’d dedicate an episode looking beyond our borders to see what is happening in global affairs as they pertain to Canada, its place in the world, and its leadership on the global stage.

We have for you the return of our Coast to Coast to Coast COVID Round Up, a quick discussion about the Conservatives’ repeated attempts to claim PM Justin Trudeau’s leadership is making our standing on the international stage drop, and a very special interview with one of Canada’s most distinguished and reputable foreign correspondents; a journalist who would definitely already be in the Canadian Journalism Hall of Fame, if we had such a thing.

Also, because we believe that “Democracy Is Something You Do”, we invite our Kits to write in to the show to let us know how you plan to mark Remembrance Day.

You can do that via our show’s Facebook blog page on via Twitter @TrueEager.

As always retweets, shares, gentle corrections, constructive criticism, compliments, tips, requests and positive reviews are always welcome

Until then, be kind to, and gentle with, yourselves,

Your Eager Beaver

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