Mar 7 - 2024

Booze Tax, Protest Fatigue,

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Hello, Thursday.

We’re back to discuss Booze taxes, Protests, and Alberta.

Moose from Alberta thinks the Chinese are coming to take over Alberta, and he’s BIG MAD about the Chinese military doing practice drills to take over Alberta and the rest of Canada. Moose is insane, but Dean and Lochlin want to interview him. 2024 is going to be awesome.

We talk about the Israel-Gaza protests and whether or not Canadians even give a shit anymore? And should we introduce some ham to the situation?

We end with a sad story about Lochlin’s 13th birthday party. He invited the whole school to his birthday party, but only one kid came. He really wants to have an “I got fired” send-off in Edmonton, and he’s worried only one person will come.


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