Apr 23 - 2020

Breaking Boxes with Players Choice Sportscards

About the Episode

We tried to be everything to everyone this week and despite our best efforts, we might have bitten off more than we could chew. Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles (our dudes and guys sponsor) hooked us up with a box of O Pee Chee Platinum hockey cards which we live-streamed on Facebook. It was fun, to say the least.

Also, check out the Players Choice website too! They sell all their goods there as well.

The platform wasn’t allowing us to connect each other so yes, there were some hiccups but overall, there was a lot of great content. Ted and Ryan had some crazy good cards pulled while Brady… not so much.

Jason Wobshall let us pick his brain about the card game and dropped some insane truth bombs about the prices of a few cards floating out there right now. (You might wanna sell your house to afford one).

Listen right to the end this week because there are some tidbits you’ll want to hear. Maybe a giveaway to talk about as well.

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