Dec 4 - 2023

Canada Proud Lawsuit Details, Addiction, My Pillow Bankruptcy

The Dean Blundell Show

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Lochlins still stumping for Ontario’s help to keep the McRib on McDonald’s menu – forever. It’s ridiculous.

Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame has filed for bankruptcy, claiming he wasted millions in legal fees defending himself over defaming and labeling Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Machines; Mike said Jesus touched him in his sleep (I wish I were kidding) who told him to use his money and his companies money to allege Trump was the rightful winner of the 2020 election which begs the question, does Jesus have an AWESOME SENSE OF HUMOR? I mean, what a great prank!

Mike is a reformed crackhead, so who knows what other sweet Jesus dreams make him do next.

Speaking of addiction, we deal with Corey Perry’s admission of mental health and alcohol abuse issues. Was it forced or courageous? Post-pandemic stats on mental health and addiction are staggering, and what it takes to make an admission like this gets more complicated and more complex in a post-truth/social media world.

Last week, Dean and Crier Media were sued by an agent of the Conservative Party of Canada for “Embarrassing” them. They want $200k for their embarrassment and an immediate “injunction to prevent Dean from talking about their intentions and what they do to spread misinformation to Canadians.

Can a political party sue a private citizen?

What does it mean when a third-party agent of the Conservative Party, whom legacy news outlets call the “King of Shitposting,” starts legal action against those who take issue with their “shitposting.”

What does it mean when does it mean when an agent for the “Free Speech” Party silently threatens to sue others into silence over their

Dean shares their damages and two main asks from the lawsuit. Money and silence, Baby. Money and silence.

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