Jun 14 - 2022

Canada Suspends Travel Restrictions, Phil Mickelson’s Cringe Worthy US Open Presser, Ryan Whitney In The House of Commons, Putins Poop Collector & Is The McDavid Video Fake

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Canada announced they are suspending vaccine travel mandates and if you’re an idiot, you can thank former NHLr Ryan Whitney.

– Details of the new travel regs

– Who can travel and where?

– Was this forced or pre-planned?

– who wins/loses

– What will Pierre Poilievre hate rage about now?

A new EKOS study says an alarming amount of Canadians are dumb as fuck. Like, REALLY stupid and they think there’s a microchip in my arm.

Connor McDavid’s drunken video has come under attack!!! is it real or not? Rookie jumps in to explain and Lochlin wants sports donkeys to stop defending McWasted

If you haven’t seen #Phil Mickelson’s U.S open presser, holy shit it was uncomfortable. We have the worst four minutes and it’s TERRIBLE

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