Jun 23 - 2022

Captain Dale Dye

About the Episode

For epiosde 113 of Spear Talk, we welcomed Captain Dale Dye to the show! Cpt. Dye is a decorated United States Marine Corps veteran, who spent time as a combat correspondent during the Vietnam War. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat V, 3x Purple Hearts, and the Meritorious Service medal, having took part in 31 combat missions his entrire career. Cpt. Dye is also the founder of Warriors, Inc, which is a technical advisory company specializing in portraying realistic military action in films. 

In our discussion we covered his transition from his military career into the entertainment industry, working with Oliver Stone on Platoon and what he put the actors through in preparation for filming, Daniel-Day Lewis studying him during the filming of Last Of The Mohicans, the importance of research as it pertains to replicating battles on screen, what defines a leader, the United States military today, and so much more!

#daledye #USMC #Platoon

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