Mar 13 - 2024

Caryma Sa’d: Israel and Gaza Protests

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back to the show we caught up with Caryma S’ad today!

Caryma and Dean made their chops together during the convoy, and since then Caryma has been documenting nothing but protest

We had some questions for Caryma starting with the Israel Gazza protest.

Are there repeat protests, customers?

Are the same people at all protests?

What goes into protest culture? And is it an industry? Who is Dana? And why is she always trying to scare you? Is the Israel Gazza protest a religious protest a generational protest or does every community have dumb people in it that just want to protest.

we also talked about shower etiquette/routines and why we all get poop triggered walking into a big box store or a grocery store.

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