Feb 9 - 2024

Charles Adler: Bell Let’s Talk About Firing 4800 People, Is Radio Dead?

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back. Sad day for 4800 employees at Bell Media:

Bell announced they were firing 4800 people today. They are also selling half of their radio stations to suckers who want them and blamed the government for years of stripping profits and assets from their media division.

– Why? Is it systemic, or is Bell a shitty company (both)?

– Bell’s CEO emailed staff, and we read it on the show. It’s hilarious. He blames everyone but himself for trying to cut their way to better profitability!

– Why publicly traded companies should never be allowed to deliver news to anyone

– Is radio dead, or is Bell just really bad at it?

– The human cost and what you must remember today if you’re one of the 4800. It’s not you; it’s them and the industry…

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