Feb 27 - 2024

Charles Adler: David Parker Interview Recap!

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

CHAAAAAAARRRRRLLLLIIIE joins me again today to talk about last night’s (technically fucked) look into the soul of the Enigmatic Political Assasin David Parker – the man behind Take Back Alberta.

Why we limit replies and block people – life lesson

Charles’ thoughts on Parker’s tweets and David’s apology.

David’s allegations he thinks fell flat.

What he respects about David and the Idea that Jenni Byrne isn’t good at her job.

What personal attacks between politicians are all about. a

David’s intentions VS David’s actions.

The FAITH portion of David’s politics?

Chuck’s thoughts on David’s Trans policies and how the dean handled those topics.

Why does Dean have a rapport with David Parker, and why he only speak to Dean in terms of Media

Dean’s thoughts on alcoholics unloading on people who struggle with drinking.

We finish with a plea to have conversations instead of fighting a culture war for assholes.

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