Jan 17 - 2024

Charles Adler & Max Fawcett: Alberta’s Energy Disaster Deets & Carbon Cash!

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re back with Charles and Max, who join us from Alberta to discuss the Energy Capital of Canada and how it ran out of Energy during its recent “freeze-your-balls-off cold snap.”

Max is the lead columnist for Canada’s National Observer and is a climate change expert as well as an energy expert. He details Alberta’s teetering energy grid and how GREED almost led to 4.45 million people freezing to death.

We talked about what went wrong, messaging, and how the current government of Alberta decided to blame Trudeau and renewable resources (which ended up saving Albertans) for their greedy oil and gas “donors” shitty energy plan and profit-taking.

Speaking of Profit – How about those SWEET carbon tax rebate checks that dwarfed the Carbon Tax? That’s right, the government of Canada gave back $2.3 billion to taxpaying Canadians in the form of a rebate check. We pondered how many people would cash those checks who said the Carbon Tax would ruin them. And is it FREE money when the government gives you back more than you paid?

We end with Dean’s issue with urinal etiquette. There is proper Urinal etiquette btw…

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