Jan 31 - 2024

Charles Adler: Why Weak Men Are Afraid Of Strong Women

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re back, and not a moment too soon!!

All this Taylor Swift backlash deserves context:

Charles Adler’s mom turned 90 this week. She survived the holocaust and made it out of Hungary with a 2-year-old Charles Adler in a backpack. She didn’t give Charles’s dad a choice: SHE was the boss.

“We’re leaving, and if you’re not coming, I’m leaving with this child to North America for a better life…”

Charles knows two things better than anyone I’ve met:

1. Authortitrian messaging and

2. Strong women intimidate weak men.

…which explains the Taylor Swift backlash.

Authoritarians don’t like more successful non-authoritarians. Weak men all have authoritarian dreams, so it stands to reason, Taylor Swift Intiidtaes the shit out of #MAGA/MAPLEMAGA. Weak men are more intimidated by strong women than strong men because they look at women like objects. They don’t think there’s a world where a woman should be more successful than a man.

It was a great conversation where Chuck told personal stories he’s never said about the Ultimate “Boss Woman” and why strong women have never been more critical in our history.

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