Sep 1 - 2021

Chris Lippincott: Best selling author of Spirits Beside Us

About the Episode

On this weeks episode Allie gets the chance to sit down with best selling author, Chris Lippincott, author of Spirits Beside Us. This book helps those gain healing and comfort from loved ones in after life. Allie found this book shortly after her father had passed, and immediately found comfort in dealing with her grief. She flipped the book over and found Chris’ contact information, and it turned into one of the greatest interviews. We cover all things afterlife related – for those who are skepical on what happens when you pass, and anything and everything on spirits – this episode is for you!

Please make sure to follow Chris if you are interested in more info/curious about all things after life related @montclairmedium on twitter, instagram and Facebook! Thank you to my wonderful sponsors as usual @onecondoms @gradientvodkasoda //. USE CODE ‘welcometomarz’ at checkout on their website for 10% off your order @twigzpretzels ^^Need anything? Ive got you covered

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