Dec 21 - 2023

Christmas Extravaganza with LOTS OF GUESTS and Organic Cabbage

About the Episode

In concert with THPN aka The Hockey Podcast Network and Draft Kings Sportsbook App.

PP1 takes things to the next level at Christmas as only they know how. There was a tree, there were guests and there were good times talking about the Canucks, Organic Cabbage, Mats Sundin, and pretty sure Roman Oksiuta.

We’re so thankful that these guys could come by and hang out for a few hours and talk about our favourite team. Check out this list of epic guests:

Ryan Schaap – Pucks on Net

Clay Imoo – Canucks Clay/Pepsi/Game Over/SDPN/Canucks Twitter

Jordan Bowman – Trust the Process / At the Movies 10 years later

Pete Edwards – Canucks Speakeasy

Joshua Griffith – Sports Talk Line

Dan Machholz – Cold List / Books and BodyChecks

Rob Fai – Everything / CKNW / Vancouver Canadians / TSN 1040 / Rob Fai Nation / NEW.

We covered the gamut of Canucks topics, both past and present and somehow managed to stay on track. It’s a bit of a longer show but if it takes you a few car rides to plow through, that’s OK.

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas from PP1 Podcast.


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