Dec 22 - 2023

Climate change is warm! Giuliani hates Dean! Cons/Libs be gone

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

It’s the last show before the Christmas Break!

It’s VERY warm in Canada this week, and we’re discussing climate change. Sure, we’re killing the planet, but how do you say no to 13 and sunny in Edmonton in December? it’s a conundrum.

Rudy Giuliani Blocked Dean this week after Dean mocked his Bankruptcy proceedings after getting cleaned out in a defamation trial by two election workers. We discuss anyone in Trump’s orbit dying a slow death and how weak ass it is for America’s Mayor to block bloggers in Canada because he’s butt hurt over being BROKE.

We talked about Trump being off the ballot in Colorado after an incredible vote to take him off the presidential ballot for his attempted coup of America.

Dean closes out the year with an appeal to Canadians not to buy the MapleMaga Bullshit and for all of us to crush the two-party system with first principles and new parties. That’s enough.

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