Nov 29 - 2023

Corey Perry, The McRib, Google Caved and Bell Cries Poor

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re BACK!

Old Loc’r steps in to talk about two of his favourite subjects, Hockey Rumors and loose meat sandwiches. The McRib is back, and Corey Perry has been rumoured to have boned a fellow player’s mom. We break down BOTH breaking news stories.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s government and Google both caved over their Mexican standoff. Google will pay Justin Trudeau’s news buddies so Canadian taxpayers don’t have to and this comes months into Google refusing to share links to Canadian news outlets.

Canada’s wealthiest broadcaster, Bell, stands to make a free fortune from this and today they said they were broke and needed more added advantages over podcasters and streamers who eat soup 3 meals a day.

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