Nov 24 - 2023

Cup Check, Mall Cops, and Playoff Sk8s

About the Episode

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Ted and Ryan discuss getting pegged in the junk in baseball on a line drive and how you react as the guy that did it to your team mate.

We discuss the Thanksgiving Day halftime performances in football and how bad some of them were and on a similar note how mustaches keep men healthy because of the germs they hold inside? Ted had some fact or something.

Your Canucks faced their first elite challenge against the Avalanche and the guys get into the calamity that was the 2nd period as well as the test they faced, how close it was, and what the Canucks need to improve on.

Ryan brings up the Skate jersey conversation and how he believes it can be solved once and for all.

With it being American Thanksgiving, we discuss our Top 3 foods at the table for the big day.

Finally, Ted gives you all some advice on Animal Crossing and how to plant money trees. Mind blown!

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