Jan 4 - 2024

Daren Millard (Host-Vegas Golden Knights/”The Chirp” Podcast

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Millard – 2024-01-03, 4.16 PM


  • Sports broadcasting and podcasting with Daren Millard 0:00
  • Daren Millard shares his story of going from Brandon, Manitoba to hosting for the Vegas Golden Knights and having a podcast, including his experience with the Olympics and curling.
  • Hockey, TV hosting, and podcasting. 1:38
  • Daren hosts pregame and postgame shows for the Vegas Golden Knights does radio and podcasts, and covers the Olympic Games.
  • Sports broadcasting and home team bias. 6:05
  • Daren reflects on his experience working with the Vegas Golden Knights, mentioning the challenges of balancing objectivity and enthusiasm in their commentary.
  • Daren reflects on their experience holding the Stanley Cup, mentioning they’ve been around it but never hoisted it due to rules
  • Daren shares a personal moment with Mark Stone, captain of the Vegas Golden Knights, and holds the Cup for a second before being given it by Stone
  • Hockey, podcasting, and career path. 14:17
  • Daren, a hockey enthusiast with a passion for announcing, started in radio broadcasting in Brandon, Manitoba, and worked with Darren Dreger before joining Sportsnet.
  • His diverse background in radio included farm reports, news, and funeral announcements, and they emphasized the importance of being comfortable with unfamiliar topics and having a wide range of experiences.
  • Sports broadcasting careers and job changes. 20:04
  • Daren discusses the early days of sports television in Canada, highlighting the rise of Sportsnet and the opportunities it provided for talent.
  • Daren shares their personal experience with Sportsnet, including their decision to join the network over TSN and the impact of the Bell Media purchase on the company.
  • Daren was blindsided by their contract termination and had no idea where they would go next, but leaned on their relationships to find a new opportunity in Vegas.
  • Moving to Las Vegas and its pros and cons. 25:23
  • Daren discusses moving to Las Vegas with his wife from Hamilton and their children, who love the city.
  • Manitoba’s culture and sports success. 29:22
  • Brent and Daren discuss the pride and hard work of Manitobans, with Daren highlighting the lack of ego and entitlement among people from the province.
  • Daren recounts his experiences covering various sports events, including the Olympic Games and NHL alumni trips, with a focus on the thrill of being in Kandahar, Afghanistan for a hockey game.
  • Hockey broadcasting and fandom. 35:23
  • Daren reveals he is more of a fan now due to his close proximity to the athletes and coaches.
  • Podcasting, hockey, and personal passions. 39:22
  • Daren enjoys his job as a sports broadcaster and appreciates the relationships he’s formed with colleagues and players.
  • Daren’s personal passion project is a podcast where he interviews friends and enjoys conversing with them, exposing them to new people and personalities.

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