Feb 26 - 2024

David Parker From Take Back Alberta: David VS Jenni Byrne

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

David Parker is the guts of Alberta’s UCP (Governing Conservative Party and he’s the most powerful man in COnservative politics.

Last week, he went AFTER Pierre Poilievre’s handler, Jenni Byrne, accusing her of being a loser alcoholic and sending a torpedo into the side of the Federal Conservative Party.

He’s “demanding” a few things from Jenni Byrne and Pierre Poilievre and wants to share those demands here today.

According to David:

– Ana Poilievre is a political operative

– Jenni Byrne is “bad at her job” and questions how Ana is OK with spending hundreds of hours a week with Jenni (Pierre’s old girlfriend)

– Jenni is a bully (cites examples of the allegation in his tweet and why she might suck at her job)

– This current Conservative Party will lose to Justin Trudeau if Jenni Byrne and Pierre Poilievre aren’t “removed” or if Pierre doesn’t have a “change of direction.”

– He forgives Justin Trudeau (for provincial mandates:)

– David encourages a full-scale investigation into WHO owns the conservative Party of Canada Fund and STRONGLY suggests Canadians from all parties and walks of life won’t like what we’d find if we audited The Conservative Party of Canadas books

– He doesn’t like Stephen Harper anymore; tell us why.

– Faith in politics (Dean hates it, and David doesn’t)

– Dean wants to know why Alberta is hurting trans kids –

David’s response isn’t satisfactory to Dean – it’s a great conversation.

We hope you enjoyed it, Jeff.

This is the first in a series of interviews with Parker – he said he’d “ratchet it up” depending on his response to this, so Surfs Up!

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