Nov 28 - 2023

Dean Blundell : Canadians Are Angry And It Makes Sense

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Legendary broadcaster Charles Adler takes the side of every Canadian struggling right now, with Anger over being told.

Told what to hate or love.

Told who to support or not.

Told who we could gather with and when.

Told who we can visit relatives or dying loved ones.

Told who we had to vote for.

Told what we have to believe.

Canadians can’t afford to the basics, and we’re being told to fight each other in our spare time. Dean and Chuck talk about the overwhelming majority of us being on the same page yet so far apart, and the rage Index proves it.

We’re in this together, and Chuck hits the nail on the head again. We can be upset, but we must be upset together to truly affect change.

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