Jan 26 - 2024

Dean Blundell: Reprogrammed, Political Rhetoric & Edmonton Shooter Details

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Adler and Dean are back to LOW KEY to argue about political rhetoric recited by the Edmonton Shooter.

With political lies, rhetoric, and gaslighting at an all-time toxic high, can we assign blame to certain political messaging when it appears in a domestic terrorist Manifesto?

What comes first – radicalization or mental illness and can we assign blame to bad actors for the firehose of radicalized political and cultural propaganda? A lot of people in Canada are mentally ill and don’t shoot up City Hall.

You can make a case that mentally or emotionally damaged people are more susceptible to being radicalized by ongoing hate speech disguised as stochastic messaging, but will it end, or is this just the beginning of hate-fueled political messaging in Canada?

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