Jan 27 - 2023

Dean with Lochlin Cross, Ryan Lindley: Dean Triggered Jordan Peterson and This week in “Polidicks”

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Hey, FRIDAY!!! We’re sooooo happy to see you. The first blackout day of the weekend for Lochlin is here!!!

Normally, Dean doesn’t like talking about politics but watching #JustinTrudeau get attacked by a mob of mouth-breathing, paid actors in Hamilton this weekend; he had an epiphany. We talk about who helps organize these anti-Trudeau mobs, who gets paid, and how Canada Proud, Rebel News, and True North always seem to be embedded with the Clownvoy dorks.

Listen, I don’t like Trudeau either but at least make the hate real instead of bussing methheads into Hamilton to make it look like millions of Canadians follow Trudeau around looking for his resignation.

Jordan Petersons INCEL stadium tour kicks off this weekend, don’t he year anniversary of the start of the CLownvoy! I feel like it’s been closer to 5 years.

Jordan came after Dean today, as did the INCELS, who are petting cats on their way to mental wellness.

#AustonMatthews, The #Highlight Real, is out for three weeks and Leaf nation is losing it. Why does dean think it’s funny?

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