Aug 12 - 2022

DOJ Explanation Of Trumps Search Warrant, The Demise of the “Hold Fast” Movement & Cheating Peterburgers

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Caryma joins us!!!

It’s STILL shit eating SZN and Trump’s in DEEP.

We review AG Merrick Garland’s presser which JUST happened as we started the show.

-Hundreds of thousands of threats were leveled at judges and FBI agents.

– DOJ explanation of the #TRUMP search warrant, ETC

Sad News from the “Freedumb” movement. Caryma joins us to discuss the demise of “Hold Fast” after Roy starts dicking all the hot freedom chicks in their extremist group and his wife, Nicole, is PISSED.

Are Arm Boxing and Slap fighting Dean’s new favorite sport? YES!!

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