Mar 25 - 2024

Don Poorleone Day, Ron Maclean Hate, Cheating At Golf

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back. We’re easing into your Monday with some Trump/Ron Maclean/Hockey/Cheating @ Golf news.

We opened with a list of our least favorite Canadian bands, and Dean wrote, “Treble Charger makes me want to commit murder.”

It was a big weekend for Jewish hockey fans as Zach Hymen became the first “Jewish Person” to score 50 goals in a season. Lochlin wants to know if we’re allowed to repeat “Zach Hymen becomes the only Jew to score 50 goals in a season” because he, like the rest of us, isn’t sure if we are allowed to repeat that word OR the point of relevance. However, Dean and Loch landed on a compromise where they don’t sound anti-Semitic reading a headline.

Ron Maclean went ham on the weekend, and Dean and Loc want to know if it’s time for Ron to step aside OR if we think Ron Maclean’s dated references about Glen Satehr’s mom’s dress shop, poetry, or boomer references are a little dated.

We LOVE Ron, but is it time for Ron to move off air and into a consulting role like everyone else who ages out?

Trump is set to lose half of his $500m net worth today as an appeals court lowered his appeal bond to $175 million in the E Jean Carroll rape and defamation case.

I was laughing at all the MAGATS who think this is a win for #DonPoorleone, who still has to come up with at least $180m in the next week while bankers laugh at him as he begs them for money.

Trump ALSO managed to win the “Mar-a-lago Mens and Senior Men’s golf Championship” (LOLOLOLZ) this weekend and forced Jack Nicklaus to give him the Trophies while acting as his OWN emcee. AWESOME.

Lochlin and I talk about how fucking incredible Trump is at separating 91 criminal indictments for selling nuclear secrets, sedition, and treason to tell people he’s the best golfer at Mar-A-Lago. (According to other golfers, he cheated his asshole off, and Dean thinks golf cheaters are all serial killers).

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