Oct 26 - 2022

Doug Ford Got Called To Testify, Adidas Dropped Kayne West Like A Bad Habit, Brittney Spears Nudes

The Dean Blundell Show

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Sheepking JB is back to give us a breakdown of the EA hearing. It’ll be quick because it’s been boring AF. EXCEPT for the fact, Doug Ford was just called to testify by subpoena which he clearly lied about last week. How it’s possible to hide and lie as much as Doug Ford and still get elected as the leader of Ontario is fucking hilarious to Dean.

JB has been following the developments and will break down winners and losers so far in the fact-finding mission behind the Convoy and the SOE that was needed to clear them out of an Illegal occupation f the nations Capital.

Doug’s day is no where near as bad as Kanye’s. Adidas just sent him and his YEEZY brand to the moon, cutting ties with the mentally ill rapper. We go Hollywood and mental health because if you have enough money, you can motor right through social norms: just ask Britney Spears, whose been a firehose of nude pics on social media. It begs the question: Can we mock celebs with mental illness like regular folk?

The dirtiest man in the world died yesterday. His story is fucked.

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